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Update August 2017:
zum Abschied diesen Beitrag zur Krankheit unserer ganzen Menschheit: Psychiatrie und Spiritualität IV – Eugen Drewermann, 72.19 min, hochgeladen von Martin Sobania am 25. Jan 2017 … kongenialer Vortrag von dem grossen Theologen, Psychoanalytiker, Autor und Friedensaktivist … besser kann man es nicht ausdrücken;

2. Update am 18. Sept 2017:
Wie Machteliten Meinung und Demokratie steuern – Prof. Rainer Mausfeld, 104.34 min, hochgeladen von Aniassy am 14. Sept 2017 … wie Demokratie gesteuert wird.

Index March 2017

2017-03-01: Who is Behind Fake News?
2017-03-02: The contemporary shadow of the Scramble for Africa;
2017-03-03: UK: Government drops threat to abolish House of Lords;
2017-03-04: Abandonned Homes;
2017-03-05: How Much Does It Cost to Tell a Lie That Big?
2017-03-06: Megabank Caught Laundering for Terrorists and Drug Cartels;
2017-03-07: Most of the World is Just Collapsing in Laughter;
2017-03-08: Trump and Saving Capitalism;
2017-03-09: Wikileaks Unveils Vault 7;
2017-03-10: The United States and the Russian Devil: 1917-2017;
2017-03-11: Explosion in number of UK’s super-rich revealed in one graph;
2017-03-13: Striking York University Food Service Workers Win $15 and Fairness;
2017-03-14: Homeless Villages;
2017-03-15: Yemen is a complicated and unwinnable war;
2017-03-16: The Crisis in the ATU, Labour Shoots Itself in the Foot;
2017-03-17: The cyberwar of all against all;
2017-03-18: Launch of the Thematic Portfolio on Land and Investments;
2017-03-19: The British Left at a Crossroads;
2017-03-19: Prof. Rainer Mausfeld;
2017-03-20: 150 Years of Marx’s Capital;
2017-03-21: Behind a Corporate Monster: How Monsanto Pushes Agricultural Domination;
2017-03-22: The Power of Le Pen;
2017-03-23: The Conspiracy Against President Trump;
2017-03-24: Critical Analysis: Peace Accords or Political Surrender?
2017-03-25: Turkey refuses to join US-led offensive on ISIS-held Raqqa if Kurds involved;
2017-03-26: How Lenin’s love of literature shaped the Russian Revolution;
2017-03-27: World Bank declares itself above the law;
2017-03-28: Syria – Manbij crossfire: liberated from IS, Kurdish-controlled city now fears Turkish invasion;
2017-03-29: Immigration: No Easy Answers;
2017-03-31: questions about health.
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questions about health

The Truth About Vaccines:

Immigration: No Easy Answers

Published on The People’s Voice, by James Petras, March 25, 2017.

The cross border flood of millions of immigrants provokes profound political divisions, violence and the rise of mass movements challenging the unity of the European Union (EU) and the survival of the dominant political parties in the US and Europe. Continue Reading…

Syria – Manbij crossfire: liberated from IS, Kurdish-controlled city now fears Turkish invasion

… exclusive – Published on RT, March 27, 2017.

… The city seems gradually returning to the way of life it enjoyed before the occupation of jihadists, who enforced their radical interpretation of Islam onto locals after overrunning the city in 2014. Under IS rule, Manbij women were effectively banned from leaving their homes and had to adhere to a mandatory dress code, covering themselves in head-to-toe burqas. Following the city’s liberation, the images of women burning and ripping off these garments went viral, becoming a symbol of resistance to fanatical terrorist rule.   Continue Reading…

World Bank declares itself above the law

Published on Systemic Disorder, March 22, 2017.

The World Bank has for decades left a trail of human misery. Destruction of the environment, massive human rights abuses and mass displacement have been ignored in the name of “development” that works to intensify neoliberal inequality. In response to legal attempts to hold it to account, the World Bank has declared itself above the law. Continue Reading…

How Lenin’s love of literature shaped the Russian Revolution RR

Published on The Guardian, by Tariq Ali, March 25, 2017.

The father of the Soviet Union was also a Latin buff who adored Goethe and liked to compare his enemies to figures in novels.   Continue Reading…

Turkey refuses to join US-led offensive on ISIS-held Raqqa if Kurds involved

… [VIDEO 2.37 min] – Published on RT, March 23, 2017.

A rift has opened up between NATO allies US and Turkey over the part Syrian Kurdish forces should play in the liberation of Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists as Ankara has openly rejected taking part in any operation that would involve the Kurds … // Continue Reading…

Critical Analysis: Peace Accords or Political Surrender?

… Latin America, the Middle East and Ukraine – Published on Axis of Logic, by James Petras, March 19, 2017.

Over thirty year ago a savvy Colombian peasant leader told me, “Whenever I read the word ‘peace accords’ I hear the government sharpening its knives” … //

… Conclusion: Epitaph for Peace Accords:   Continue Reading…

The Conspiracy Against President Trump

Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Craig Roberts, March 22, 2017.

March 20, 2017: Listening today to the broadcast of testimony by FBI Director Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron) made it clear that the Democrats, Comey, and Rogers intend conflict with Russia. Continue Reading…

The Power of Le Pen

Published on TIME, by Vivienne Walt, March 16, 2017.

… As the French get ready to pick their next President in two rounds of voting in April and May, millions of voters exasperated by the failures of those two parties seem willing to back an insurgent to run the country. The candidacy of far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen has been nourished by a groundswell of support in hard-hit towns across France. Now, with just weeks to go before voting begins, Le Pen is a favorite to clinch the first round against a raft of seasoned insiders, and could yet seize the presidency itself in the final round on May 7 … // Continue Reading…

Behind a Corporate Monster: how Monsanto pushes Agricultural Domination

on, by Alan Broughton, March 19, 2017.

Monsanto, one of the world’s biggest pesticide and seed corporations and leading developer of genetically modified crop varieties, had a stock market value of US$66 billion in 2014. It has gained this position by a combination of deceit, threat, litigation, destruction of evidence, falsified data, bribery, takeovers and cultivation of regulatory bodies … // Continue Reading…

150 Years of Marx’s Capital

… an audio (LibriVox) recording of Capital, Volume 1 - Published on Socialist, 10 hours, March 19, 2017 … also on YouTube, followed there by other audios in autoplay.

Links:   Continue Reading…

Prof. Rainer Mausfeld

hochgeladen von KenFM:

  • Die Angst der Machteliten vor dem Volk – Prof. Rainer Mausfeld, 98.37 min, Feb 19, 2017 … wenn eine überschaubare Gruppe von Menschen dauerhaft über die große Masse Macht ausüben will, ist die Stabilität des Systems nur dann zu erreichen, wenn man die wichtigste Ressource kontrolliert. Wissen. Was das Volk nicht weiß, noch nicht einmal erahnt, kann es auch nicht auf die Barrikaden bringen … (ganzer langer Text); Continue Reading…

The British Left at a Crossroads

Published on DISSENT, by James Stafford and Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, March 16, 2017 [updated version of an editorial first published in Renewal].

… Wherever illiberal leaders have gained access to the resources of post-9/11 security states, liberals, greens, and socialists may find themselves numbered among the “enemies of the people” as the right works to cement its power. This process is already underway in Poland and Hungary. Nascent left-populisms are currently too weak to stop the right, although they could benefit in the short-term from increasing political polarization. Continue Reading…

Launch of the Thematic Portfolio on Land and Investments

… by the Land Portal Foundation and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment - Published on, March 15, 2017 (short URL:

Over the past decade, international investments in land have come to the forefront of public debate. Some argue that investments in land, including by foreign entities, is a critical component of achieving food security. Others argue that large scale land acquisitions, or what some refer to as ‘land grabbing,’ on the contrary, undermines efforts to overcome poverty and hunger by further marginalizing already vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples and smallholder farmers.   Continue Reading…

The cyberwar of all against all

Published on english, by John Feffer, director of Foreign Policy In Focus, March 14, 2017.

The political theorist Thomas Hobbes warned in the 17th century that without the modern state and its sovereign control of territory, humanity would slip back into a state of nature in which violence was uncontrolled and ever-present. “A war of all against all” would break out, he wrote, in which neighbor would turn against neighbor. States would continue to fight one another, but a measure of stability would reign at the level of society … // Continue Reading…

The Crisis in the ATU, Labour Shoots Itself in the Foot

Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1382, by Sam Gindin and Herman Rosenfeld, March 14, 2017.

A sign of the tragic disarray of the Canadian labour movement is the extent to which its misadventures keep piling up. As the turmoil within the union representing the Ontario government’s unionized employees (Ontario Public Service Employees Union – OPSEU) hits the press, the chaos continues in Local 113 of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU). Continue Reading…

Yemen is a complicated and unwinnable war

… Donald Trump should stay out of it – Published on, by Patrick Cockburn, March 10, 2017.

The Trump administration’s first counter-terrorism operation was a failure for the US and much worse for the Yemeni villagers who are dead, wounded, homeless and have seen their livestock, on which they depended for their livelihoods, all killed … // Continue Reading…

Homeless Villages

Striking York University Food Service Workers Win $15 and Fairness

Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1381, by Alia Karim and David Bush, March 12, 2017.

On Monday March 6th, striking York University food service workers, represented by Unite Here Local 75, voted to accept their new contract. The workers went on strike for and won a $15/hour starting wage and fair working conditions. Their victory paves the way for workers right across the province to achieve $15 and fairness … // Continue Reading…

capitalism – with our money

… yes, our money, as we the people do all the work … with Richard D. Wolff:

Explosion in number of UK’s super-rich revealed in one graph

Published on, by Will Worley, March 2, 2017.

(Graph): the UK’s ultra-rich population set for a huge increase, growth rates for UHNWIs in selected countries from 2016 to 2026* … // Continue Reading…