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neuliche Diskussionen, Argumente

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Mehr Utopie, bitte, ein europäisches Basiseinkommen, in neues deutschland/blog, von Tom Strohschneider, am 5. März 2016: die gesellschaftliche Linke ist auf Abwehrmodus, ein positives Gegenmodell zur Scheinalternative Merkel oder Mob ist nötig;

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A GOOD JOB: Hard Graft, Made in Germany

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Published on Global Handelsblatt (first on Die Zeit), by KOLJA RUDZIO, March 3, 2016.

For many Germans, their job is more important than ever. But what would the proposed universal basic wage do to Germany’s famed work ethic?   Continue Reading…

Critical Analysis: Europe’s Slow Motion Debacle

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Published on Axis of Logic (first on Strategic Culture Foundation ), by Pepe Escobar, March 5, 2016.

From a failed attempt to clear the Calais jungle to the appalling situation at the Greek-Macedonian border, the EU crumbles under the strain of a massive refugee crisis. Even the Kafkaesque Brussels Eurocrat construct admits it – off the record, because official EU must always project a mythical image of unity: “We are on the edge of an abyss” … // Continue Reading…

It Begins: Palace Revolt against ECB’s NIRP

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Published on Wolf Street, by Wolf Richter, March 4, 2016: if punishment interest exceeds the pain threshold.

The Association of Bavarian Savings Banks, which represents 71 savings banks in the German State of Bavaria, has had it with the ECB’s negative deposit-rate absurdity, and it’s now instigating a palace revolt. Continue Reading…

Is South America’s ‘Progressive Cycle’ at an End?

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Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1229, by Claudio Katz, March 4, 2016: Neo-Developmentalist Attempts and Socialist Projects.

… The year 2015 ended with significant advances of the Right in South America. Mauricio Macri was elected President in Argentina, the opposition gained a majority in the Venezuelan parliament, and Dilma Rousseff is being hounded relentlessly in Brazil. Then there are the conservatives’ campaigns in Ecuador, and it remains to be seen whether Evo Morales will obtain a new mandate in Bolivia.[1] Continue Reading…

It’s the Geopolitics, stupid

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Published on Dissident Voice (first on Activist Teacher), by Denis Rancourt, March 2, 2016.

Geopolitics determines domestic policy.

This is apparent in the client country “Canada”, where no sovereignty is allowed, and where domestic policy is entirely about preventing any emergence of actual democracy.   Continue Reading…

Transformational Education: Creating Engaged Citizens

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Published on ZNet (first on, by Ruth Needleman, March 1, 2016.

Ana began working in a shoe factory in Sapiranga, Southern Brazil, when she was 11 years old. A single mother, Ana worked 6, 10-hour days a week for the next 30 years. Her son could not get help from her on his school work, because she never had a chance to attend school. She felt invisible.   Continue Reading…

Super Tuesday

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Domestic Violence – Violence Conjugale – Häusliche Gewalt

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  • Violence conjugale en publique (Prank), 5.32 min, mise en ligne par Webzer … Les membres de OckTV ont réalisé une expérience sociale dans la rue en public pour filmer la réaction des gens face à de la violence conjugale. Un homme va faire semblant de frapper sa copine. Les passants vont intervenir rapidement. Puis ils vont inverser les rôles, la femme va frapper son copain. Et là, c’est complètement différent, les passants ont tendance à se moquer – short translation: violence against women, the public reacts against the man – violence against a man, the public is rather mocking the man;   Continue Reading…

Refugee Crisis Disunity: A De Facto Solution Takes Shape in the Balkans

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Giorgos Christidis, Katrin Kuntz, Walter Mayr, Peter Müller, Jan Puhl and Mathieu von Rohr, Feb 26, 2016 (Photo Gallery).

Angela Merkel is still hoping for a European solution to the refugee crisis. But with patience running out, Austria has joined countries on the Balkan Route to impose Plan B. But with the closure of borders, the situation in Greece is becoming dangerous … // Continue Reading…