The warfare state of capital

Published on Intrepid Report, by Frank Scott, June 23, 2014.

The destruction of Iraq, which began under the conservatively emotional Bush regime, continues under the liberally placid Obama administration. There are differences in style when an intelligent landscaper replaces a slack jawed gardener but the plantation they serve differs only in the cosmetic facade it sells the public, not the diseased crop it produces … //

… The increasing bloodshed in the Middle East, which may have its maps redrawn by Arabs who live there instead of Europeans who don’t, may fit Israeli plans to break up the Arab-Muslim world in as idiotic a way as American arming of ideological fanatics to fight communism has come back to haunt capital. Instead of a few Arab nations led by supporters of global capital’s new Zion, there may be several ruled by those who will not tolerate a European apartheid state in their midst. The safety and future of the Middle East is also the safety and future of the rest of the world, and if the warfare profit state rules much longer, our world may plunge into a bloody collapse of nature in all its substance.

The Ukraine, Detroit, fracking, GMOs, guns, Palestine, Israel, homeless people, sheltered pets and everything else that make up usually misunderstood reality are part of the private profit and public loss system that always means inequality. That word has recently been rediscovered because it has become so blatantly obvious that even academics have noticed.

Bulletin: profit on one side demands loss on the other and that makes inequality a component part of the system. Who knew?

Private minority control of a market where some always do well at the expense of most others is nothing new. It’s just that the system’s present crisis is more noticeable, as the losses are being suffered by greater numbers of people while the fantastic profits increase for a much smaller group.

Liberals and conservatives are two sides of the political coin of this realm. While Americans are reduced to choosing from these lesser evils and calling it democracy, indigenous people the world over are rising to do battle with capitalism. Inspiring some real democracy in South America, they clearly see it as not only their enemy but also the enemy of the planet, or Mother Earth, as they unashamedly address our multicultural, racist home.

Whether ecological problems are seen a short-term environmental menace or a long-term climate disaster, they are the result of reducing earth and its people to private profit producing commodities that must be balanced by humanity’s loss. This demented economics has become a form of justifiable genocide, a war conducted on humanity itself. Minority rulers cannot help but care for anything but increasing private wealth in a system becoming more depraved with each creation of an individual with a billion dollars in a world where billions of individuals live in poverty. The warfare state must be transformed into a democratic state of peace, within and without its borders. If that seems too difficult for rich North Americans to achieve, maybe we should ask poor South Americans for advice.

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